Born Pisces, ironically, life has taught me to swim with and against the current. Each step in my life is a learning step for me. I know, it will never end and I am prepared for that. Lately life has been hectic and rough but now I have started to like it that way 🙂

At present, I am rendering my knowledge base in various fields. Namely, these are Media, PR, Web and IT. Web Specializations are in PHP based web solutions, Web Site Redesigning, Search Engine Optimization and Submission. IT Solutions involve Hardware and Software Consultancy, End User Training and Support, Corporate User Training, Customized Software Development. I also provide PR (Public Relation) Consultancy, Organize Press Meets, Product Launches, Event Management services, and similar services. In short, I help organizations build and maintain their offline as well as online image through Print, Electronic, and New Age (Internet) media. In Media, I provide Space Selling solutions, be it Print or Internet. I handle media from Eastern India, North East India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan. Too much… Nah… I still find time for my family and friends and hobbies (again a long and varied list).

Some of my major interests are Photography, listening to Music, Flirting, Reading, Cultures, Philosophy, Meditation, Pranayama, Hills, Oceans, Mystique, Unknowns, Counseling, Making Friends, Photography, Modeling, and Body Language. Of course Net & Computer Addiction are always a part of my life, since I learnt computers, and (hope) will remain so. I used to write also, but now find no time to pursue this interest so put it behind the scene. To know more about my writings, click here.