पत्थर को पुजोगे तो देवता हो जाएगा!
इतना मत चाहो उसको, बेवफा हो जाएगा!!

(Worship a stone and it will be god to you. Don’t love someone so much, she will betray you).

हर तरफ, हर ज़गह, बेशुमार आदमी!
फिर भी तन्हाइयों का शिकार आदमी!!

(Every where, all around you there are numerous people. Still you are haunted by lonliness).

जिन्दगी बेवफा है, धोखा दे जाएगी!
मौत प्रेमिका है, साथ ले कर जाएगी!!

(Life is unfaithful, it will always betray you when you need it most. Death is true lover, it will take you with her forever)