In my early days, I used to live in a very small city in West Bengal, India and joined a small school. Medium of study was Hindi. When I was in Std. VII, a new headmaster joined our school. He planned for a school magazine to be published and asked students to write articles. That was the time I wrote my first poem. The Magazine never got published and neither did my article.

For the next two-three years, I was busy with my studies. When I joined college, I again started penning down poems. This went on for almost two years and then again got busy with making a career. After marriage, my wife read my poems and encouraged me to start writing again. This time I used to sing and she took up the task of penning it down. I wrote approximate 10-15 short poems. Sadly, I lost many of these during a house shifting.

Till this time all my writing was on personal level and for my pleasure only. I never thought of doing it professionally. However, time is the biggest factor and nobody knows when the opportunity might strike at your door. During the period of December, 1998 – February, 2000, I had written a number of articles under name of NET EXPRESS for Ranchi Express, the oldest Hindi Daily of Jharkhand. These articles, in Hindi and on subject matter of the Internet, included everything from very basic topics like ‘What is the Internet?’ to advanced ones like ‘How the Internet works?’ to site reviews etc. etc. Later on, Ranchi Express published a collection of select articles from this series, in form of a booklet, for free distribution. You can download PDF version of this booklet for your reading. A philosopher and journalist friend of mine, suggested me to translate some of these articles in English and to put them on this web site. I think the idea is good and will try to take out some time to do the translation work. Putting on site will take some time.

At the moment I do take up writing assignments professionally for some small clients. On a personal basis, I write for one technical blog “India Website Designer” and I have a personal blog too named “Aha Jindagi”. I am putting some exclusive Exotic Gift Ideas on a new website.