Random Ramblings

  • Be Productive, Be Healthy, While Working Remotely
    A talk by Ajay and Suyogya during WordCamp Udaipur, 2019 What is the WHO definition of health? Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease […]
  • 10 years of body detoxification
    2019 – The conclusion 2018 – Almost there 2017 – The begining repeats itself with 11 days 2016 – Inching closer to the end 2015 – Moving towards the end 2014 – The midway 2013 […]

About Ajay

Born Pisces, ironically, life has taught me to swim with and against the current. Each step in my life is a learning step for me. I know, it will never end and I am prepared for that.

I work as a Happiness Engineer with Automattic Inc and provide support remotely for Automattic products (namely WordPress.com, Jetpack, and WooCommerce among others).

Prior to joining Automattic, I have worked with Directly Software Inc., Centre for Civil Society, and Ranchi Express Group. I built my first WordPress site in 2008 for a friend and first WooCommerce store for a client in 2009. I have worked on around 20 small to medium WordPress projects single-handedly and have worked on more than 40 WordPress projects overall. I was responsible for creating the first online store in Eastern India and make it break-even within 18 months of launch.

Circa 2000-2008 I rendered my knowledge base in diverse areas. To name a few, those are Media, PR, Web and IT. Web. In short, I helped organizations build and maintain their offline as well as an online image. In Media, I provided Space Selling solutions, be it Print or Internet. I handled media from Eastern India, North East India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Bhutan.

Father of two, I live with my wife and kids in India. In my leisure time, I enjoy swimming, exploring places quite often through a book, and like to click as many beautiful things as nature has to offer. Sometimes, I pen down my thoughts on various topics. To know more about my writings, click here.