Ajay Speaking at Wordcamp Udaipur 2019
Ajay Speaking at Wordcamp Udaipur 2019

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About Ajay

I work as a Happiness Engineer with Automattic Inc and provide support remotely for Automattic products (namely WordPress.com, Jetpack, and WooCommerce among others).

Prior to joining Automattic, I have worked with Directly Software Inc., Centre for Civil Society, and Ranchi Express Group. I built my first WordPress site in 2008 for a friend and first WooCommerce store for a client in 2009. I have worked on around 20 small to medium WordPress projects single-handedly and have worked on more than 40 WordPress projects overall. I was responsible for creating the first online store in Eastern India and make it break-even within 18 months of launch.

Circa 2000-2008 I rendered my knowledge base in diverse areas. To name a few, those are Media, PR, Web and IT. Web. In short, I helped organizations build and maintain their offline as well as an online image. In Media, I provided Space Selling solutions, be it Print or Internet. I handled media from Eastern India, North East India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Bhutan.

Father of two, I live with my wife and kids in India. In my leisure time, I enjoy swimming, exploring places quite often through a book, and like to click as many beautiful things as nature has to offer. Sometimes, I pen down my thoughts on various topics. To know more about my writings, click here.

A House in the mountains with lots of trees and plants of flowers and herbs. Me, my family, and peace…oh how wonderful it would be… and I won’t ask for more if the mountain is covered with snow… mmmmm.

Born Pisces, ironically, life has taught me to swim with and against the current. Each step in my life is a learning step for me. I know, it will never end and I am prepared for that.