17 years with Citibank

Citibank Credit card 17 years
Citibank Credit card 17 years

Today Citibank sent an email reminding that it has been 17 years since I am using their card. Feels great. Isn’t it?

Here is what the email said:

Dear Ajay Kumar Jain,

Thank you for being a Citi Card holder for 17 years. It’s time to bring more friends into the fold. Refer your friends or family for a Citi Credit Card and earn up to 9,999, while they too get a cashback of 1,000 each.

I was a bit disappointed that instead of getting a gift 😉 they are trying me to indulge in enticing my contacts to join Citi customer base but none-the-less it feels wonderful to be reminded about how time flies.

Thank you Citibank!

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